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Letters from Ayr

Kelly Anne
date: Thursday, 8th May 2008 12:20
title: beuller?
location:the homestead
accompaniment:snoring dog
names dropped:adam, camera, leilani, peter, photos

Allo, allo.  I've been very quiet over here, I know (which doesn't mean that I haven't been watching...), and my only real excuse is that I've been putting a lot of effort into the blog.  I mean, I've still got absolutely no traffic and my only consistently regular reader is my mother (who still doesn't really get the whole automatic update e-mail deal and will ask me why in the world I sent her such-and-such, it doesn't make any sense, she doesn't understand), but it still feels good to put effort into something.  I've embarked on a project to completely redo my room, so I've been doing a lot of brainstorming on that front.

But one of the big by-products of my having this blog is an increasing dissatisfaction with the quality of the photos my camera takes.  Don't get me wrong, it's a great little bugger, fantastic for on-the-go point and shoot photography.  With my history and love of travel, it makes sense to have something small like that (my brother's even taking it to Spain with him).  As great as it is, though, it doesn't have the capacity to take the detailed, high-focus photos I've been craving.  With that in mind, I trawled craigslist and came up with gold.  A Canon EOS 20D, 4 years old, previously used as a back-up camera by a professional photographer, with an EF 24-85mm lens.  I have no clue what I'm doing, but I am having fun with this camera.

My lovely friend Peter, who has much to say on many subjects (and built this fantastic website without any prior training).

Best buddy Adam, who is disturbed by this photo despite the fact that I love it.

And it wouldn't be me if I hadn't broken in a camera with photos of dogs, hence the lovely Lani.  She hates this camera, by the way, and will remove herself from the room if I aim it at her.  So I can only get good photos of her if she's asleep.  My cat, however, gets all glamorous as soon as I pick the new camera up.

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Kelly Anne
date: Monday, 21st April 2008 3:54
title: Flickr Meme
mood:meh meh
names dropped:meme, photos

So buttfacemakani did this first, and I love the idea, so I'm doin' it too.

The rules:
1. Go to
2. Type in your answer to the question in the "search" box
3. Use only the first page
4. Copy the html and paste for the answer.

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Kelly Anne
date: Tuesday, 15th April 2008 10:47
title: News, news, news!
mood:happy happy
names dropped:adam, peter, photobooth, school

After months of waiting, today I received word: I've been accepted into the Corcoran's History of Decorative Arts MA program!  I'll begin in the fall.  I honestly had no idea whether they would find me to be "grad student material," as even I have trouble imagining myself as such.  But we'll see how it goes.  At least the commute is simple, considering the school's in DC (which is a big plus for lazy, lazy me).  Anyway, yay!

To celebrate, Adam took me to dinner along with some friends.  We went to the Lost Dog Cafe in Arlington, which has great pizza, more varieties of sandwich than you can shake a stick at, and the money goes to a great cause,, from which we adopted Leilani.  After dinner and dessert (between the five of us we managed to order the "Good Dog," "Bad Dog," and "Blond Dog" brownies), we headed to Ballston Common Mall, where the presence of a photobooth had been purported.  Well, we found the booth, but it was off.  It seemed like a bust, but Peter grabbed my camera and insisted we get a picture anyway.  So, here's to new beginnings, I guess.

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Kelly Anne
date: Sunday, 13th April 2008 7:04
title: Photodump
mood:nostalgic nostalgic
names dropped:photos

Because you all wanted to know what I looked like when I was young and ugly.


Speaking of most recent blog post is about old-fashioned photobooths:
Drop in and say hi!

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Kelly Anne
date: Friday, 11th April 2008 11:37
title: A week into unemployment
mood:dorky dorky
names dropped:sga, videos, webcomics

Alright, so I'm not unemployed per se, but I am without a job for all intents and purposes (at my instigation, so it's cool), and having to wait at least a week more to know whether I'm a student again or what.  WHAT.

I actually did stuff today, so I'm in a goofy mood.  What stuff?  I'M GLAD YOU ASKED.  I got rid of maybe one-tenth of my belongings, discovered I did still have that broken lamp I loved stashed somewhere, did mondo research for my next blog post (drop in!  say hi!), chased a squirrel off of the "squirrel-proof" bird-feeder, and bought two new video games (used, so they was cheap!).  See that?  Doin' stuff!  Then I decided to take a page from Marley's book (sorry if you can't see it) and post photos of my good buddies when we were young and ugly on the internets, too!  I dug out my photo box, sorted out the best of the worst (well, almost, I did censor myself a little bit), and started scanning.  At which point, my scanner looked me in the eye and said "NO."  So now I'm not speaking to it and it's blinking a mysterious orange light angrily at me.  Bitch.

Anyway.  I will share videos which have made me laugh today:

Oh, man.  It's stuff that that that illustrates why I love the Stargate franchise, its creators, and its actors so damned much.  And this next one illustrates David Hewlett's individual awesomeness:

Finally, a comic because I love snails and imagine that much of their short, slimy lives involve moments of "WTF."

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Kelly Anne
date: Monday, 24th March 2008 11:53
title: Shutterbug
mood:nerdy nerdy
accompaniment:"Other Side of the World" - KT Tunstall
names dropped:leilani, photos

One of the pretty things I bought for myself this past year was a new camera, as the lens on my trusty world-traveled Sony somehow became jammed during my move out of the dorms.  I bought a Sony Cybershot DSC-W200, which is essentially an updated version of my old one.


They're both pocket-type point and click cameras, which has suited my purposes fine, as I was using them while traveling.  Now, however, I've been increasingly frustrated with the quality of the photos it takes.  Of course, I've also been spending a lot of time looking at the quality photos Heather at dooce takes.  So I grilled my friend Marley, who also takes amazing photographs, and she found a couple of tutorials about how to use non-SLR cameras to take Macro photos.  So, I've been experimenting.

I still haven't figured out how to focus so that everything behind the main subject goes fuzzy, but it might just not be possible with my camera.  Darn.

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Kelly Anne
date: Sunday, 23rd March 2008 11:37
title: It's not you, it's me
mood:good good
accompaniment:"Lachlom" - Yael Naim
names dropped:adam, livejournal

Wow, I'm coming dangerously close to daily posts.  Scary.

So I've had this livejournal for a long time, as evidenced by my username.  It was 2003, the guy I was crazy about had just introduced me to Mahler, and I was listening to melodramatic German symphonies all the time.  I still think Mahler's an OK guy, but he's not number one on the playlist anymore.  My best friend, Adam, started an LJ around the same time I did, then later deleted it, purging his "youthful foolishness" from the internets.  I've never been able to do that.  I mean, my early posts are all blah blah angst angst MEMES (and I'm not linking to any of them, thank you), and as ridiculous as they are, as embarrassed as I am by many of them, I cannot seem to be able to leave them behind.

Adam has since made another LJ (thestraymutt), and it's all webcomic link this, funny quote that, so power to him.  He also has a blog, and man, oh man, does he love that thing.  I've come to think of it as the place where he stores all of his obscure knowledge and interests (and by obscure, I of course mean the things which are completely and utterly foreign and incomprehensible to me).  I, however, cling tenaciously to my adolescent angst-filled piece of the internet, thankyouverymuch, and that's that.  Apparently.

Anyway, this is all building up to saying that I've made a new blog.  I've creatively titled it "Have Degree, Will Travel" (which is pretty much how I feel all the time these days), and its purpose will be to give me an outlet for my bits of random interests and dorkiness.  Not that I don't post on such things here, but I'm feeling the need to separate these bits of things which will (hopefully) make up my future from that adolescent past.  This is not to say that I won't continue to post here, since I don't intend to drag much (if any) of my personal life into the new site except as how is relates to art, and doors, and retro refrigerators.

In short, LiveJournal, I think we should see other people.  God knows you've got TONS of affairs on the side, but let's make it official.  It's not you, it's me.  Really.

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Kelly Anne
date: Saturday, 22nd March 2008 11:43
title: Field trip!
mood:accomplished accomplished
accompaniment:"Endless Song of Happiness" - Yael Naim
names dropped:art, books, links, sg-1, summer

I'm so much of a homebody that virtually any outing I make (aside from going to work) is a cause for celebration. That said, today Summer and I went on a quest.

We began simply enough, by dropping my prescriptions off at the store. Then we kicked it up a notch: we went to the Borders in Fairfax to pick up a new toy I'd put on hold (more on that in a bit) and the Yael Naim CD (which I highly recommend, even if most of the songs are in Hebrew and French--perfect rainy day music). Then things got so unbearably exciting that Summer could hardly contain herself: we went to Petco. I'm serious, she made these terrible high-pitched squeaks the entire time we were there. The errand was to get cat food, but Summer picked up a delicious green milkbone, too. For me, there was an Asiago cheese bagel from Panera. Yay field trip!

Anyway, onto the NEW TOYS (for me, not Summer).

I leave you with what I found to be a very interesting blog: The World Heritage Site. It accounts the travels of primarily one man to as many of the places in the UNESCO World Heritage list as he can. Features information, traveling tips, and fantastic photos.

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Kelly Anne
date: Monday, 17th March 2008 1:16
title: Breaking news
mood:sore sore
accompaniment:snoring Summer
names dropped:sg-1

Novelists' Strike Fails to Affect Nation Whatsoever

"The strike kicked off last fall when the NGA announced it had hit a roadblock in negotiations with the Alliance of Printed Fiction and Literature Producers, failing to resolve certain key issues concerning online distribution, digital media rights, and readers just not getting what writers were trying to do with a number of important allegorical devices."

h/t Neil

In other non-news, I've made it to Season 5 of SG-1 and have four days off beginning today.  Now I'm off to walk my dogs.

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Kelly Anne
date: Friday, 14th March 2008 12:58
title: a struggle
mood:discontent discontent
names dropped:adam, art, stargate sg-1

I've been in a bad place of late.  By which I mean that I've been more depressed than I can ever recall being before.  At 10, I was told that I had Bipolar Disorder and put on Prozac.  Since then, the medication has varied some, but the results have been largely uniform: I've been calm and as happy as anybody else, all but entirely unaffected by the disorder.  The last time I needed my meds adjusted, I was primarily sleep-deprived.  This recent engulfing sadness has been rather more extreme, and likely has something to do with where I am in my life.  That is to say, in a job which I don't enjoy, with a degree I'm not using, living at home where it's extremely easy to be lazy, waiting to hear from a school I'm no longer certain is the right place for me.  Yeah.  Just wanted to put that in words.

Adam has proven himself (unsuprisingly) a truly wonderful, steadfast friend.  He's been there for me every spare second he's had, distracting me with humor, Mario Party, Brawl (which is awesome, by the way), and Stargate SG-1.  As you may know, SG-1 recently ended after 10 seasons (and the first of its two movies, Ark of Truth was released Tuesday).  Adam was into season 6 when I expressed interest.  I am currently on season 4.  I've watched a lot in a week.  The distraction has helped.  I've become enamored of the fanart of Hito, an artist I discovered on devantart.  She's French, so I'm limited to enjoying her art and not her fics, which is disappointing. 

Click on the image for a link to her website, then on "dessins" to find the art.  I loves it.

Now I must eat and go to work.

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